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Beagle dog behind metal fence, waiting for adoption

Advice before adopting a dog from an animal shelter

Adopting a dog should not be a hasty decision made overnight. I am here to help you find the right rescue dog for you or your family and to be properly prepared for what it means to take in a rescue dog. I am also happy to advise you if you have any uncertainties or questions about reputable or disreputable animal protection. ​

Arrange your first consultation now for CHF 45.00 (appointments can be made by phone or at my behavioral practice)

(After receiving your request, I will contact you to find a suitable time)

Advice before moving in the rescue dog

The decision has been made, a rescue dog is moving in.

It is important to remember that adult rescued dogs have had a history before you, with personalities, expectations and routines that are almost certainly different from yours. This means that he will probably need some time to adapt to your way of life and the new environment.

With his arrival, a very special phase begins for you and your new family member. Now it is important to get used to each other in the coming days/weeks and to build mutual trust and bond.

To ensure that this goes smoothly, I will prepare you and your family for this day of moving in and the coming days/weeks. I will accompany you to your home and will also be available to you by phone during the first week after moving in.

Arrange your appointment now before your dog moves in for CHF 45.00

(Appointments always take place at your home. I charge CHF 1.50 per km for the journey)

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