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Hundebegegnung mit Menschen

Encounters Training

Welcome to dog encounters training!

Encounters with other dogs can be one of the most challenging situations for both humans and dogs. But don't worry, I'm here to help you.

My dog ​​encounter training focuses on improving communication between you and your four-legged friend.

We know that the dog's body language plays a crucial role in the course of dog encounters and the emotional basis. That's why I train you to recognize and understand your dog's subtle signs. My method focuses on teaching you the skills you need to better understand dog language and thus enable a relaxed relationship.

I'm at your side with expertise and empathy to help you and your dog experience stress-free encounters with other dogs.

Discover the joy of harmonious dog encounters with me and develop the skills for a relaxed coexistence together with your loyal companion. Make an appointment today and let's work together to create a strong bond between you and your dog.

I look forward to accompanying you and your dog on this exciting journey!


Course Location:

The encounter trainings are carried out regularly in small groups

(usually Fridays & Saturdays)

Normally we are outside in the forest, field or meadow in the vicinity of my behavioral practice.



  • CHF 35.00/walk with a 10-pack subscription (CHF 350.00/subscription, valid for 10 Months)

  • CHF 40.00/walk with a 5-pack subscription (CHF 200.00/subscription, valid for 5 Months)

  • CHF 45.00/walk without subscription

(Why subscriptions? Because multiple and frequent participation is reflected in success, and this is what we want to encourage)​

Small groups of maximum 4 dog-human teams per training session

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