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Walking light beige dog in a black and green harness

Behavioral therapy

Welcome to my private holistic behavior therapy & coaching for behaviorally original dogs!

At Code.Doglove we understand that every dog ​​is unique and has individual needs. My focus is on helping dogs with behavioral issues and their owners build a strong bond and develop positive behaviors together.


My offer:

  • Private behavior therapy: I offer customized behavior therapy for dogs with special behaviors to help you work with your dog on positive behavior.

  • Step-by-step training: Our training approach is designed to build desired behavior in small steps to encourage your dog and experience success.​

  • Positive reinforcement: We only use positive reinforcement methods to strengthen the trust and bond between you and your dog.

  • Learning to read dogs: We give you the knowledge you need to better understand your dog's body language and signals and to respond appropriately to different situations.

My goal is to help you build a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with your dog, based on trust, respect and mutual understanding.


Course location:

The individual lessons take place at your home or on your walks, basically wherever your dog's unusual behavior occurs. Depending on the situation, theory training takes place on-site in my small behavior practice.


First admission including anamnesis and home visit: 130.- flat rate (CHF 1.50 extra per km. 10km radius is included in the price)


Further therapy & coaching costs vary; we will discuss these together with the training plan after the initial admission.

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