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Sniffing Garden

Our sniffing garden for dogs is located in
5326 Schwaderloch and can be visited by prior reservation.

Reservations made via: 079 463 95 30 (WhatsApp)

Sniffari garten.jpeg

Why sensory enrichment?

An enriching sensory environment can greatly improve a dog's well-being and reduce stress by addressing their natural instincts and cognitive needs. Here are some benefits of such an environment:

  1. Mental stimulation: Different scents, textures and sounds stimulate a dog's senses and mind, promoting mental flexibility and preventing boredom.

  2. Physical exercise: Stimulating activities often include exercise, which promotes physical health in dogs of all ages.

  3. Reduced anxiety: A stimulating environment can reduce anxiety and stress by giving dogs opportunities to follow their instincts, such as sniffing and exploring. This gives them a sense of control, safety and security.

  4. Problem solving: A sensory environment promotes a dog's problem-solving skills and builds their confidence.

  5. Social interaction: Some activities can be done with other dogs or people, which promotes positive social interactions and the bond between dog and family.

  6. Improved adaptability: Exposure to different sensory stimuli in different environments can increase a dog's adaptability, making them more confident and secure in new situations.

  7. Emotional fulfillment: Exploring a sensory-enriched environment gives dogs a sense of purpose and fulfillment, leading to overall improved emotional well-being.

By incorporating sensory enrichment into a dog's daily routine, owners and caregivers can contribute significantly to their pet's happiness, reduce stress, and create a harmonious and enriching living environment. Such sensory activities are suitable for dogs of all ages.


  • 1 dog-human team: 20.00 CHF per 45 minutes

  • Each additional dog: 5.00 CHF per 45 minutes

  • Accompanying person: 5.00 CHF per 45 minutes

(Maximum of 2 dog handlers per stay)

Please note that the sniffing garden is not a dog playground or a training area for basic obedience. It is about providing sensory enrichment for the dog and allowing him to explore and sniff the environment at his own pace.

Reservations made via: 079 463 95 30 (WhatsApp)

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