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«Camino a una nueva Vida»

Which means “the path to a new life”.

Our Swiss association stands for defenseless animals that deserve a better life. In our foster homes in Switzerland, the foster families look after our charges. We also want to give anxious, physically and mentally ill street dogs the chance to find a suitable home. We give the dogs time, peace, security, care and medical attention and prepare them for a new loving home.

Through our foster homes and our Swiss association Nueva Vida, it is of course possible to get to know the dogs in advance. Especially if it is a first dog, or there are children in the family and other animals already present (dogs, cats, etc.), it makes sense to check in advance whether the dog also fits the given living conditions. We make this possible through our foster homes.

Perhaps you would also like to work with us in the animal protection team and become a foster home, we always need these to accompany our dogs on the Camino a una Nueva Vida.

You can find all further information about our club here​​​​​​​


Cooperation with Animal Associations and Shelters

I only work with animal shelters and animal welfare organizations that I know personally and have a connection with. In our Swiss association Camino a una Nueva Vida, I am vice president and for the APAD animal shelter in Denia Spain, I am responsible for all social media. In Italy, I am connected to a great animal welfare friend who works for the Canisciolti ODV animal shelter in Sicily.


Camino a una Nueva Vida, Schweiz 

APAD Protectora de Animales de Denia 

Canisciolti ODV

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