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Social Walks

Promote your dog’s socialization

Our social walks are the ideal opportunity to encourage your dog's socialization and at the same time create individually enriching walks. From reactive dogs in encounter training to relaxed walks in a group - with me you will find the right program for every stage of development.

Promoting socialization:

Participating in social walks supports your dog’s socialization in many ways:

  • Gradual integration: Reactive dogs begin with targeted encounter training to improve their reactions to other dogs and people.

  • Guided interactions: Under the guidance of my experience, your dog will learn to have positive experiences with other dogs and to control his behavior in social situations.

  • Continuous development: Even well-socialized dogs benefit from regular social walks, as they can maintain and develop their social skills.

Individually enriching walks:

Each Social Walk is designed to ensure that both dog and owner have an enriching experience:

  • Adapted routes: The walks take place in varied locations that offer new sensory impressions and opportunities for exploration.

  • Positive reinforcement: By using positive reinforcement techniques, the desired behavior of your dog is encouraged and reinforced.

  • Joint learning: Dog and owner learn together to understand the dog's signals and respond to its needs.

From encounter training to social walk:

My offer ranges from intensive encounter training for reactive dogs to relaxed social walks for well-socialized dogs:

  • Encounters training: We offer targeted training specifically for dogs with insecurities or reactive behavior to improve their reactions and strengthen their self-confidence.

  • Social walks: These walks offer a relaxed environment in which dogs can make social contacts and consolidate their skills in dealing with other dogs.

Experience the benefits of my social walks:

  • Social skills: Your dog learns to behave safely and appropriately in various social situations.

  • Mental and physical exercise: The varied walks offer your dog mental and physical challenges.

  • Strengthening the bond: Shared experiences strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Sign up for our Social Walks today and experience how your dog benefits from well-thought-out socialization!



  • CHF 35.00/walk with a 10-pack subscription (CHF 350.00/subscription, valid for 10 months)

  • CHF 40.00/walk with a 5-pack subscription (CHF 200.00/subscription, valid for 5 months)

  • CHF 45.00/walk without a subscription

(Why subscriptions? Because multiple and frequent participation is reflected in success, and this is what we want to encourage)

Small groups with a maximum of 5 dog-human teams per social walk

Upcoming dates:

  • ​Sonntag 11.08.2024 10:00 Uhr 5425 Schneisingen

  • Sonntag 01.09.2024 10:00 Uhr Klingnauer Stausee

  • Sonntag 06.10.2024 10:00 Uhr Lägern Hochwacht

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