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Advice on animal protection for dogs

Thanks to my years of experience in animal welfare and my daily work with dogs, as well as my further training, I am now able to help people who are considering adopting a dog from an animal shelter. Adopting a dog should never be a hasty decision. Good and professional advice beforehand will help you make the right decision and find the right animal welfare dog for you.

Just like us humans, every single dog has its own life story and its own character.

Why buy when there are so many wonderful dogs that have been abandoned and need a home? There are so many friendly, loving, friendly and healthy dogs that are just waiting to finally find a suitable family that can give them love and security. Many of them were once loved by someone, but unfortunately many people abandon their dogs or leave them behind.


Not because the dog is bad, but for various reasons such as divorce, moving, death, job loss, etc. If you are sure that you want a dog at home, you should therefore think about adopting a dog instead of buying one. By adopting, you not only give your own life a positive boost, but you also save the life of an abandoned dog, who will be grateful and loyal for it for the rest of his life.

Dogs are highly social animals and more adaptable than almost any other animal that lives so closely with humans. We can learn from dogs to live in the moment. Their love and trust, once we have earned it, is absolute.

A dog lives with us, not next to us. He is a real member of the family. In the middle of things instead of just being there, that is his motto in life. The dog, as a highly social creature, clings to us and follows us everywhere we go. For his entire life. We must never forget: we humans have a social environment, a family, friends, work colleagues. The dog only has us. Anyone who takes on a dog takes on a great responsibility. Dogs need security and they rely completely on us.

Cooperation with the following animal shelters

We only work with animal shelters and animal welfare organizations that we know personally and have a connection with.

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